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Sophie Degrond

Sophie Degrond

Créatrice du sac La Malice

<< The design of the La Malice bag starts from a simple observation: even with only one child,

it is difficult or even impossible to move around without forgetting anything.


A one-of-a-kind hanging bag!

Thanks to its logos, you can never forget anything.

La Malice is the essential with plenty of space, things are well folded or loose (!), The pockets fit together.

A place for everything and everything in its place. Well-organized pockets to fill effortlessly. 

La Malice: the space-saving and time-saving solution for traveling. A breeze to do it and no more having to undo it on arrival, who said practical and smart ??! Once hung, the Malice seems already ready to go.
Packing your suitcase no longer turns into a nightmare ...

By the way, why La Malice? or LA MAL'HISSE 
An old dream of an old-fashioned cabin trunk with its secret drawers, O'hisse to hoist it! In short, the trunk that we hoist… effortlessly.
THANK YOU: to all the service providers passionate about their profession, to the families and friends who have made it possible to develop "La Malice".
And especially you who read us, who trust us. THANK YOU >>

This online store allows you to serve you as quickly as possible, but also to respond to your suggestions and any special requests both on Malice and on our new products. We are sure that you will find the ideal and original birth gift here. Going to the maternity ward, on weekends or on a trip with your baby has never been so easy :)

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